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NIMBY I call it NIMBY, Mom,” said my adult son over the phone a few years ago. It was an acronym he used with employees to clarify his stance on boundaries in the workplace. “NIMBY? I asked. “Not In My Back Yard,” he explained. “Oh, well, that goes way back with you,” I teased. My … Continue reading NIMBY

That Sinking Feeling

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“…when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink.” Mt. 14:30 NIV “I don’t know what happened! I was doing so good!” Jeanie lamented. Are you familiar with the storms of life? If you are a cancer patient or loved one, my guess is that you have been … Continue reading That Sinking Feeling

Rochelle Shoretz founder of cancer support group dies.

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“I had many offers of help but what I really wanted…” When she was diagnosed, Rochelle Shoretz looked for support she did not find. The complaint is common. Before she completed chemotherapy, Rochelle began working as an advocate for Jewish women diagnosed with breast cancer, and developed a support group. Because of various factors, Rochelle’s … Continue reading Rochelle Shoretz founder of cancer support group dies.

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