Cancer? Steps to Positivity


Can Our Thought Life Really Help?

Simple Steps to a Positive Response During Cancer

“Well, I tried positive thinking, and it didn’t work!” said Margie. The frightening result of a scan was not what she wanted to hear. She stomped across the hospital room, hurt and angry. Her efforts at positive thinking did not bring the expected result.

During the stress and dread of cancer combined with all the waiting, Margie tried to believe her thoughts could bring the outcome her heart desired. But that’s not very realistic. If that were true, we would have an entire populace of positivity and no bad reports. This is not the world we live in.

Scientific research brings a mix of opinions. On one end of the spectrum, positive thinking is perceived as having no effect on our health. On the other end, it is believed that the way we think can cure us of all our ills. The reality is likely in the middle somewhere between the two extremes. I do not believe we can think ourselves well. But I know positivity does bring good to our quality of life and our well-being.

When I read Philippians 4:8, positive thinking comes to mind. But the words true, noble, right, pure, excellent and worthy of praise, remind me that the scripture isn’t about positive thinking, but about honoring God. We certainly can’t get any more positive than that. Perhaps that is the secret.

Join me in my next few posts where I will share simple steps to a positive response in a life dealing with cancer.


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“It’s Cancer”– Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery. By Venita McCart