Diagnosis Info–Finding Balance

Finding Balance

How do I balance information about my diagnosis?

Some patients want to learn everything they can about their diagnoses and spend hours on every online medical site they can find. Others want to avoid all information, sometimes going as far as asking a mate or other family member to take charge over their medical case.

A balance is likely the best approach.

The wealth of information on the internet can quickly overwhelm the most stalwart of patients. At the same time, trustworthiness and validity can be difficult to discern.

If you are interested in obtaining as much information as you can, you might ask your doctor for a reliable source in regard to your specific diagnosis. I wanted to know more about the basics and some details about my diagnosis, and mentioned it to an oncology nurse one day when I received a treatment. She loaned me a reliable book I could read at my leisure and return at a later date. If I ran across something I didn’t understand, I asked her or my doctor at my next appointment. The book was helpful, but didn’t overload me with information I did not need or want.

Pray for discernment in how much information you seek. It is a personal choice.

It is a good thing to guard your heart.

Remember you are your own best advocate.

Keep your family members as informed as you wish.

As much as possible, allow others to be involved at a level which is comfortable for you and them.

Try to be active in participating in understanding and your personal involvement in your care without being obsessive.

You can do this.