How Did You Know to Write a Book?


   “So, how did you know to write a book?” she asked.


On a recent trip, my husband and I visited my brother Don’s home, in the beautiful hills of Southern Missouri.

My nephew Aaron, his wife Elise, and their two boys joined us for a cook-out. The guys were grilling burgers and the children played nearby. Elise and I found ourselves in a rare situation. It was quiet, and we had time for one-on-one conversation in my brother’s cozy living room with a wide open view out his sliders, of sunshine and rolling, grassy hills.

“I have a question,” said Elise. “How did you know to write a book?”

“There were several ways I knew,” I said. “One is that I’ve always done a lot of writing.

“When my friend Linda recently told me, ‘You’ve always been a writer,’” I began thinking about her observation. When I was young, I enjoyed keeping a diary,” I said. “I was an avid reader, and I wrote short stories in high school because it was fun. When I wrote letters, I put in extra effort to lift others spirits with my words.

“Writing was always with me. To realize I am a writer, is like knowing I have blue eyes.”

“So, knowing to write the book didn’t fall out of the sky and there weren’t any lightning bolts.” I said. “God was with me through the experience of cancer. His comfort and care for me, brought a deep compassion for others. It became my mission, then, to develop Faith Force Cancer Support Group Ministry so I could share with others the comfort He gave me.

“Eventually, there were so many interested in faith based support that I couldn’t reach everyone where I live, much less others who contacted me from outside my geographical area. The desire to write this particular book was born not only because I care, but because God cares, and there are cancer patients who have a sincere desire to know how faith can work in their cancer experience.

“It’s Cancer”–Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery is simply a larger, wider reach of something that has been part of me for a long time. I am a writer, there is a need, and God cares.

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