Keep It Real During Cancer


Simple Steps

Keeping it real will help you.


The best starting place for building positivity during cancer is acceptance. Cancer is not for pretenders. There are very few cancer patients I have met who are able to stay in denial for very long. It is personally beneficial to know and face reality.

Because there are losses in the cancer experience, it is likely that your response to the unwelcome diagnosis will be similar to the process of grief.

Whatever your prognosis, statistics, or expected outcome may be, it is normal to grieve the loss of your current or potential future health. You may anticipate the threat of death, or deny the reality of a correct diagnosis. Some of us experience guilt, regret, anger or depression.

Everyone does not experience all these responses to diagnosis, and they do not occur in any specific order. They sometimes occur sporadically. They are responses of grief.

How can this be a step of positivity?

Recognizing and working through the grief responses will take you to a place of acceptance.  Identify each response as part of the process and move through each of them as a normal part of healing, knowing they will pass. This will help you move forward with positive action. Acceptance is powerful.

Don’t rush it, and accept each part of the process as it arises. It is okay to grieve your real, anticipated, or threatened losses. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Some days will not be all sunshine and flowers. But you will get through this in a way that works for you. With this mindset and your prayers, you may find yourself at a place of acceptance quicker than you expect, and that your mood, and overall spiritual and emotional well-being is much improved, so that you are able to face each new day with a more positive outlook.


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