Trek The Trails

In 2005 when I held my first faith based cancer support group meeting, I asked the eight people there if they had ever attended a support group. All eight said no. I took a deep breath and said, “Good! Because I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Even though I had trained, prayed, studied, and prepared, I was in unknown territory.

“This is an experiment,” I said to the group, “If you will stick with me, we will learn together.” At the time of this writing, the group has met for over ten years. We are told it helps. Because we have been in contact with countless cancer patients, survivors and loved ones, some call it a success. I am told it helps, but I still call it an experiment.

I also refer to this site as an experiment. If you have noticed, as people dealing with cancer, we now know that all of life is learned as we live it. Every day can be an experiment in this unknown territory on earth following a cancer diagnosis. To top that, our definition of success, solidity, and security in life changes with our diagnosis and the walk through cancer.

I invite you to walk the road you are on, next to mine. Let’s trek the trails together while we continue the experiment of getting through life with, through, and past cancer.

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My book “It’s Cancer”–Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery