Cancer … just the word strikes fear in our hearts. Cancer is the faceless silent enemy and attacks even as their victims sleep. Cancer reroutes life on a journey that nobody wants to take. Venita McCart has faced that enemy … and has taken that journey … and brings hope and real help to families in the physical, emotional, and spiritual battle of their lives.
Tim Shoemaker, Author and Speaker

At some point in everyone’s life, they will be touched by cancer, either personally or through a family member or friend. This book will inspire and support the patient as they battle the disease and their fears. The book will encourage caregivers, as well as navigate finding good ones. A must-read for those battling cancer, "It's Cancer"--Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery brings comfort in a way that only someone who has experienced cancer themselves could deliver. Venita McCart has done so beautifully and honestly. Laura Hodges Poole, author of the devotional While I’m Waiting and novella A Christmas Chance

In addition to being a tool that aids in dealing with what is most often a difficult set of circumstances, this book is refreshingly genuine in bringing attention to inspirational perspectives that otherwise might not be perceived.
Dr. Benjamin J. Miles, D.C.

I wrote down these words as I read this powerful, honest, gentle sharing: Modest, compelling, truth, powerful, comforting and humor. Sharing of your personal challenges and those of others with cancer provided a sense of reality and hope that will bless those dealing with similar issues. I would not change a word as I truly feel that it is God inspired. I look forward to hearing praises as this book goes into print.
Robyn Simons, friend of cancer survivors

This is an EXCELLENT book for all of us who struggle to discover or re-discover a meaningful and fulfilled life. Although the book is written specifically around a diagnosis of cancer, it is not about that diagnosis. The well-written words and thought behind them will be meaningful and encouraging to all who read the book. If you want to be reminded what is meaningful to a life well lived, this book will help you on your journey.
Janice McCain, daughter and sister of cancer patient

This book is fast paced and is told as only someone who has been there can tell it. It will really minister to many people. There are so many elements to keep one’s attention and to use in counseling or encouraging someone diagnosed with cancer. It is a beautiful application of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. This book blessed the socks off me! Great stuff!!
Russ Lindahl, caregiver

Her ministry is Faith Force, but Venita doesn’t use these pages to force her faith on anyone. She demonstrates instead, how the right kind of faith is a force more powerful than cancer, and available to anyone. You’ll want to call her “Coach” but Venita won’t be seen waving her arms or running and yelling from the sidelines. Scars from cancer won’t let her. She does her coaching in hospital rooms, living rooms, meeting rooms, by telephone, and now through the pages of this book! I cried. I laughed. I learned. I’m a better nurse for getting to know Venita and the cancer patient’s stories she shares from her heart and soul, on these pages.
Rita Klundt RN

This book is a must read! I couldn’t put it down! Venita McCart shares not only her own personal experiences; she also provides an intriguing combination of short stories, biblical references and exercises that promote hope and healing for anyone’s journey-whether you have cancer or not. This book will renew your mind, lift your spirit, and put hope back in your heart. A new normal, a different view and a closer walk with God is guaranteed! Shelly Baker daughter of cancer survivor

Venita McCart gives practical advice based on real-life experiences along with encouraging and enlightening stories of how relying on God can give you the peace and hope to meet the challenges of cancer.
Crystal Millett, friend of cancer patients.

Venita’s strength, determination and strong faith is empowering and inspirational to me. She deeply touched my heart and soul with her writings. Her personal battle and the lives she touches proves that God gives you the physical and emotional strength if you truly believe. This battle is more than physical, it is also a spiritual one. I have a better understanding of what my loved ones experience during their battle and I am equipped to be a better support resource. Will always remember that every battle is different. Venita exemplifies a true Christian.
Betty Shackelton, caregiver

Venita came into my life in 2006, a few weeks after my mother passed, via my dad, Roy, in Chapter 12—Its A Miracle, Walter. When she shared that God was leading her to write this book, I knew what an incredible void it would fill and wished it had been written during my dad’s journey with cancer. I know going forward, this book will encourage, challenge, guide, and prayerfully, give peace to those who continue to suffer with this disease. Say it with me, everyone … NIMBY! Susan Walker, caregiver

As a person who has firsthand experience as a caregiver of loved ones with cancer and a survivor of breast cancer myself, I have an insight that perhaps is not as common in the general population. I have had too many relative pass from cancer—my wonderful husband, my father, mother, and brother. But I have watched how cancer can become a tool in one’s walk with Christ. During the two and a half years my dear husband was in his battle, I watched him go from a lukewarm Christian who was basically just going through the motions, to an ON FIRE MAN OF GOD. As much as I wanted him to live, watching that transformation was worth it all. Venita has a way with words that describe how me and my husband Jack felt—words that I could not express as eloquently as she does. So many of the things she says in her book, are expressions of what we went through, how we felt and even though it may sound strange, how wonderful the journey was. Venita talked of her first day of experience as a sacred experience that she cherishes. Perhaps to someone who has not walked this path that would sound strange. To me it sounds exactly right. She says it is as much a “psychological battle as it is a physical battle.” That certainly is the experience I have had with cancer. It is very much a battle of the mind. I appreciate the way Venita does not dictate advice, rather tells of her and other people’s experience and lets the reader develop their own idea of the best way to react to this awful thing called cancer. Her use of acronyms, “pop-up thoughts” (whispers of God guiding us), scriptures and stories of people in her life who have walked this path, make the process of seeing what is really important so easy to see. The Endnotes bibliography of scripture she has used for each chapter are very helpful, as well. It is plain to see that years of prayer and dedication to her fellowman formed this wonderful book. I pray it gets into the right hand of those who so desperately could benefit from her profound wisdom. My favorite line in the book is “Death cannot defeat us when heaven waits for us.” It is true. Cancer can only defeat us if one lets it ruin their faith. I thank God for Venita McCart and this lovely book that will be a beacon of light for those in need of her very wise words. Patricia Parker, cancer survivor, caregiver

I just read through your book. I know now why God busied my schedule so I wouldn’t have time to read it until now. Someone I care for deeply may have cancer so I want to thank you so much for reminding with your pen and paper message, those that need this reminder. We don’t yet know what’s in store for our loved one. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this, God is truly using you in a mighty way. May God continue to use you.
Tami Sharp, cancer survivor

This book is a good read…encouraging and insightful.
--Evelyn Qualls, cancer survivor

The question that was asked of you in the beginning—I too have encountered people who believe that cancer is some sort of punishment so I appreciate that you shared this, and your response. Cancer patients are already at a low point and do not need to be made to feel worse. As a cancer survivor you really captured the feelings and emotions I was flooded with when I heard the word cancer in my own diagnosis. And thank you for helping me process even further what I went through! The chemo days, the times I could physically do nothing, so I too, would pray and thank God for everyday things. Thank you for keeping it real. Acknowledging that every cancer case is different, that not all will survive. But can find peace in the journey. I appreciated that although it is a book about God, it is not “preachy.” I especially enjoyed the stories of the various people you have encountered in their own cancer journeys. To their revelations and wisdom, I could relate. This book is full of doable clear suggestions to help anyone with cancer face their fears, become thankful, and find peace through Christ. Loved the ‘to the point’ recommendations which always come across as sincere. I could use this book with my ‘Tickled Pink’ breast cancer support group!
Judy Murray, breast cancer survivor

Already before the end of the preface, I was blessed by the understanding, care, and lack of I-know-what-will-fix-you platitudes in this book. Venita McCart isn’t standing over cancer patients with hurtful words about why this happened or irritating advice on what they should do. She was in her own hospital bed and chemo chair, and now offers to come alongside those who are suffering with words that build up and strengthen. I appreciate her use of stories from different people with different cancer experiences. There are no quick-fix answers that will make readers feel pushed, judged, or unheard. Instead, they will read things like, “The journey of cancer can turn into a roller coaster ride. Most survivors say they have good days and bad, ups and downs. And sometimes we simply need to focus on getting through the day, to hold on tight and endure.” The book journeys from empathy to hope and faith, like a good friend. I would recommend this book not only to those fighting cancer, but the family and friends who care and want to understand.
Kimberly Rae, award-winning author of Sick & Tired and Why Doesn’t God Fix It?

This book will infuse hope to those experiencing cancer or any major illness as they walk the road toward recovery. Caregivers can glean practical ways to make a friends journey a little easier and a loved one’s experience purposeful.
Phyllis Qualls Freeman, author of numerous published articles and devotions.

In the pages of  "It's Cancer"--Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery, you will meet people who will give you hope and encouragement. You will also gain wisdom and practical instruction that will strengthen your heart and inform your mind. Ultimately, you will be pointed toward the One who is the source of all hope. I encourage you to connect with the lessons found in this book. Be encouraged and choose to live with faith and hope.
Dr. Joe Gardner, Director Metro-Peoria Baptist Association

This is a well-written book for those with emotional suffering due to a diagnosis of this terrible disease. The book is full of inspiriting stories of human kind finding spiritual support through God’s word and each other. These personal stories touched my heart and is recommended for those who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as their families.
Dr. Lisa Howe DPT