About Venita

Hello. My name is Venita McCart. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and cancer survivor since February of 2,000. It was a devastating diagnosis, prognosis, and a rigorous journey through testing, procedures, treatment, and surgeries.

People began hearing my story and I often received calls from cancer patients or their loved ones who had questions or were having a difficult time.

After a recurrence in 2003, I began visiting cancer patients and their families when invited. I could find no training specifically for faith based cancer support groups. I could not find a faith based cancer support group anywhere in my community or within commuting distance. Aurora, Colorado was simply too far from central Illinois.

I prayed I would find such a group. As often happens in ministry, when we sincerely look for answers to a need, we become one of the answers to that need. And so it was.There are still very few faith based cancer support groups in existence today.

My next step was to take some training in Oklahoma City to create, coordinate, and maintain faith based support groups, though there were no specifics for faith based cancer support. I initiated a faith based cancer support group in my church in 2005, and learned as I led. Our Cancer Support Group is named Faith Force, and we still meet today, going on eleven years.

As I write this, I have in mind a routine follow up appointment tomorrow with my oncologist. Blood work and possibly other testing will be performed to make sure the cancer has not recurred.This is a part of every cancer patient-survivor’s world.

This summer I am also preparing for a milestone anniversary celebrations where all my children and grandchildren will be in our home at the same time, for a weekend in June. I’m so excited about this. We will have a crazy wild wonderful time. I attended a milestone class reunion with high school graduates from my class a few weeks ago, will be attending an all-school reunion this weekend in my small hometown of Cabool Missouri. Following that I will be gathering with my brothers and sisters and those of their families who can attend, at a family reunion, also out of state.

I’m also celebrating fifteen years of cancer survivorship since February 28, 2000.

Did I mention I’m preparing for the release of my book, “It’s Cancer”–Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery? (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina’s) And did I mention that the preparation of this website is also part of that endeavor?

I have a few speaking engagements on my schedule as well, and welcome the opportunity to hear from you if you are interested in me speaking at your community event, church, book club, luncheon, or other event where I might be able to encourage and comfort cancer patients and their loved ones.

Only the Lord knew that on this day I would be right here, right now, back in 2000 when I was diagnosed. But He was the Only One that could make it so. I still don’t know why. But He did. And I’m thankful this is what He has chosen for me now. I won’t live forever here on earth. But I will live forever because of Him.