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“It’s Cancer”–Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery


“It’s Cancer”–Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery speaks directly to the real everyday issues that cancer patient’s face: treatment decisions; communicating honestly with doctors, family, and friends; maintaining emotional, spiritual, and physical balance; experiencing peace, joy, and hope on the darkest days.


Cancer endurance is a skill learned best in the company of fellow cancer patients. And there’s no better traveling companion than Venita McCart who has worked with hundreds of cancer patients, age 18 to 89, over the last ten years. In this book, she provides the personal touch of someone who has experienced this grave illness firsthand. She is also an award-winning Support for Recovery volunteer and respected authority who doesn’t attach shame or blame to your pain. Instead, she offers a guidebook for managing the long, arduous cancer journey. She also includes the stories of 45 patient-survivors whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer. Finding common ground with them will both comfort and challenge you.


From the shock of diagnosis through the toughest treatments, to live in remission, “It’s Cancer”–Finding Help and Hope on the Road to Recovery is a resource you will use often. God is bigger than cancer, procedures and medicines. You didn’t choose cancer, but you can choose to travel with the hope, faith, strength, courage and joy that other cancer patients have discovered.

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