Seek Spiritual Connection and Support

Positive Steps during Cancer

Seek Spiritual Connection & Support

We have talked about healthy living, linking to others, finding balance, and keeping it real during cancer. Another way you can put positivity to work, is to find a pastor or other worthy spiritual mentor to talk and pray with you.

One friend said to me one evening that her day was always better when someone prayed with her. We desire connectedness with each other, and with God. It does our heart good.

It will bring you comfort, help you grow, give you fellowship, purpose and productivity, and connect you to God when you worship in church. Corporate worship is good for us as individuals. A good Bible study is helpful as well.

Find a faith based cancer support group to connect to others who share your concerns, to receive and to give support. So many tell us they had no idea how much this would help them until they took part.

One dear gentleman told me he didn’t need a support group because he attended a men’s Bible study, and that was all the support he needed. Of course I understand the sentiment. But after a few months, he attended and said it helped him. From then on he attended our support group at every opportunity, and also attended his men’s Bible study.

Those who don’t perceive the need for a support group themselves can come to be a supportive helper to others in the group. It helps us to help others.

The first time you attend, if you feel hesitant and tentative, remember you will feel more comfortable as time goes along. Members of my support group have shared that it takes a few times to experience the full effect of the group.

From our beginning, we were made for a relationship with God and others. Being connected to Him and others will bring many positives into your life. You may be surprised at the positive impact others who are or have been where you are, bring to your life.